Editorial Guidelines

The Equine Report Editorial Guidelines

The Equine Report is a “curated” online magazine. We do not try to offer all things to all people.  We seek posts about the horse world that are interesting and well crafted. Our ideal reader is a thoughtful equine professional or amateur who has a quiet moment to read about corners of the horse world that the reader knows well…or perhaps has never even wondered about.

If you have a news item, an article, or an idea you’d like us to consider, contact       mike@laequinereport.com .

If you submit text to The Equine Report, you agree to any editorial changes that we may make.

The Equine Report welcomes news, information, and well-written articles on humane training techniques, the economics of the horse industry, the accomplishments of youth, current research into equine health, profiles of people in the horse world, and other topics that fit with our mission statement:

The Equine Report vows to reach across disciplines and to unite us all in our love of horses, our joy in their accomplishments, and our support for the next generation of riders, trainers, caretakers, owners, and fans. The Equine Report wants to spread the word:  the Horse Industry has political and economic power.  And The Equine Report wants all to know that horse lovers embody American values: respect for nature, fair treatment of other beings, and zeal for excellence.

And, of course, if you include material that is not yours, use appropriate citations to avoid plagiarism.