Who We Are

Driven by a Love of Horses

The Equine Report began as the regional magazine The Louisiana Equine Report. Available for free at tack and feed stores, showgrounds, veterinary clinics, rodeos, and racetracks, The Louisiana Equine Report soon became popular for its wide and in-depth coverage, whether the topic was parasites, dressage training, lameness research, Quarter Horse breeding, pasture management, riding for the handicapped, sliding stops, or the accomplishments of horse-loving youth. With a new national website, The Equine Report will continue to explore different breeds and disciplines, to report on cutting-edge equine science, to profile equestrian personalities, and to describe “best practices” in training our equine partners.

Our Mission Statement

The Equine Report vows to reach across disciplines and to unite us all in our love of horses, our joy in their accomplishments, and our support for the next generation of riders, trainers, caretakers, owners, and fans. The Equine Report wants to spread the word: the Horse Industry has political and economic power. And The Equine Report wants all to know that horse lovers embody American values: respect for nature, fair treatment of other beings, and zeal for excellence.

Meet The Equine Report staff:

Mike Milazzo is the President, owner, and founder of the Louisiana Equine Report magazine. He has an extensive background in advertising, marketing, and business administration.  Mike has worked in all forms of media including Print, Radio and TV. Growing up on a ranch in South Louisiana, he was involved with many types of performance horses and race horses. Having the good fortune of being surrounded by some of the best horsemen in Louisiana and Mississippi as well as nationally, he was able to learn first-hand from their experiences about the history of the horses and horsemen that made our horse industry great. Combining his education, experience, and knowledge with his love of the horse, he continues to work diligently to achieve continued success for the future of horses and horsemen.

Tammy Milazzo, CEO, keeps The Equine Report magazine organized and on schedule.

Kristi Milazzo, Administrative Assistant, keeps The Equine Report magazine up-to-date with social media.

Barbara Newtown, feature writer and owner of https://theequinereport.com , came to horses late, after a life of music, skiing, and sailing. Her horse-crazy husband George introduced her to dressage and eventing. When she isn’t interviewing rodeo queens, veterinarians, jockeys, bronc busters, or Olympians, she helps George with the Newtown Farm Oldenburg breeding operation.