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Caroline Sibley got her start riding "the big sticks" as a jumper. Now she is a bold eventer and has competed at the Intermediate level. Caroline studied at Tulane in New Orleans and worked in medical research after graduation, but eventually she got back into horses. Now she is a resident instructor at Holly Hill Farms in Benton, Louisiana, and she excels in teaching adults the joys of jumping and the dedication of dressage. She has a weakness for chestnuts with white socks.

Why You Should Gallop Your Dressage Horse

A friend of mine sent me her horse to ride for a few months when the weather prevented her from riding much at all. She has a limited area in which to ride and rain had made it unusable. This visit had been designed as a fitness play-cation for this lovely horse and it was hard to say which of us (horse, owner, or me) enjoyed it the most. Ok, pretty sure it was the…