Place a Stallion Ad

Place a Stallion Ad


The Equine Report will create a web page ad in our stallion section for your stallion or group of stallions.  Pages are not limited in size:  each page “scrolls,” and no extra clicking is needed to see the whole ad.  Our web page ads look great on a desktop, tablet, or cell phone!

Check out this sample stallion page!

Pages sell for $795 for six months or $1195 for a year.

Guidelines for a detailed page for a single stallion:

  1. Send a picture or two,
  2. a four- or five-generation pedigree,
  3. a description of your stallion’s accomplishments and/or qualities.
  4. If you wish, include a link to a short video.  We will embed the video on your page.
  5. List the stud fee or indicate “Private Treaty.”  
  6. Include your contact information and
  7. indicate where the stallion stands.

Guidelines for a page listing several stalliions:

  1. Send one head shot, conformation shot, or action shot for each stallion.
  2. Include sire, dam, and dam sire.
  3. Provide a sentence or two or that lists essential information:  speed index, ROM, important championships, important races, etc.
  4. Provide stud fee amount or Private Treaty information.
  5. Contact information will appear at top of page.

The Equine Report will shine up your writing, if needed, or take your raw info and make a graceful paragraph or two.  We will not post your ad until you are pleased!

Contact Barbara to reserve your stallion page: or 318-519-8966

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