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George Newtown owns Newtown Farm, a warmblood breeding facility in Benton, Louisiana, where the homebred stallion Balanchine sires premium Oldenburg NA foals at more than twice the national average. George has been a Professor of English at Centenary College of Louisiana since 1990. He has published personal essays and has won awards including the Dallas Morning News Nonfiction Prize for Literary Excellence.

Year of the Fillies: ISR/Oldenburg Inspection at Newtown Farm

By George Newtown. The thirteenth annual Newtown Farm ISR/Oldenburg NA mare and foal inspection took place on Saturday, 16 September 2017, in Benton, Louisiana.  It was the year of the fillies.  Inspector Helmut Schrant assessed the six fillies presented this year—a more modest number of foals than in past inspections, but an array that still maintained the level of quality visitors have come to expect at the Newtown Farm inspection.…

Collecting the Stallion from the Ground

By George Newtown.  Our Oldenburg stallion Balanchine knows that, whenever Dr. Bobby Hewlett locks eyes with him at stall #1 in our shed row, they are about to enjoy one of those special days. Knowledgeable visitors joke that the stallion has a thing for the doc’s baseball cap.  Whatever it is, at that moment Balanchine is quick to get love on his mind.  It doesn’t bother him that once again…


My brother won Midnight at the Washington County Fair in 1962.  The 2-y-o jet black Quarter Horse filly had originally been purchased at a Texas horse auction to be the centerpiece of a local Arkansas riding club fundraiser.  As the new kids in town—and in the riding club—Glennie and I had felt overwhelmed by the assignment of selling ten raffle tickets each—and ended up buying most of them ourselves—but when…