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Three barrels in a cloverleaf, time measured in hundredths of a second, and swift transitions from blistering straightaway to tight turns—that’s barrel racing. Time is all that counts. If you want to win, you’ve got to have courage and balance, whether you’re the horse or the rider. Often a part of rodeo competition, barrel racing has become so popular that it is a stand-alone competition in many venues. There’s money in it, too: silver buckles or custom saddles or cold cash are given as prizes. Originally a sport for women and girls, barrel racing is so much fun that the men are getting into it! The ideal barrel horse is fast (for the straightaways) and agile (for the turns). By definition that means the ideal barrel horse is usually a Quarter Horse.

Common Lameness Issues in Barrel Racing Horses

 By Neely Walker, PhD. Barrel racing is one of the most popular uses of the American Quarter Horse in North…

Q & A with Sarah Rose McDonald, 2015/2016 NFR Qualifier in Barrel Racing

  Sarah Rose McDonald of New Brunswick, Georgia, lost her barrel racing partner Bling (Fame Fling N Bling) in January. …

Q & A with Lenell Dean

Lenell, competitors at shows and rodeos from the East Coast to Oklahoma have heard you announcing.  Do you have country…