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George Newtown owns Newtown Farm, a warmblood breeding facility in Benton, Louisiana, where the homebred stallion Balanchine sires premium Oldenburg NA foals at more than twice the national average. George has been a Professor of English at Centenary College of Louisiana since 1990. He has published personal essays and has won awards including the Dallas Morning News Nonfiction Prize for Literary Excellence.


What could be better for a breeder than living next door to your veterinarian—especially if he’s the best horse doctor for miles around?  Dr. Bobby Hewlett comes over day or night—all I have to do is call.  So I really have no excuse for continuing my practice of “wait and see” when dealing with broodmares or foals.  Bad experiences in the last couple of breeding seasons should have convinced me…

Horse Portraits

(Excerpted from “Body Language,” which first appeared in The Southern Review, 42.1 (Winter 2006):175-186.)   “We build the corral as we reinvent the horse.” —Stephen Dunn   The Don             The seal brown yearling Corleone (a.k.a. The Don) has the profile of Joe Bonanno and the legs of Maria Tallchief. As I open stall doors to let in his pasture mates he roots his nose under my armpit. Me next,…