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Blazing fast takeoff, straining fast-twitch muscles…and it’s over, just like that! If you daydream in the gate, you’ve already lost the race.  Spectators start screaming as soon as the gates open, and they keep screaming for the next twenty seconds.  If you can hit 55 mph in a few strides, a quarter mile doesn’t take much time.  Even the jockeys scream, it’s so exciting.  The whole race happens right in front of the grandstand.  The Quarter Horse is America’s Horse:  we do love to push the pedal to the metal.

Meet the Track Announcer – Michael Chamberlain

Written by: Mike Milazzo and Barbara Newtown Original Publish Date June 2015  Michael Chamberlain, track announcer at Evangeline Downs, is…

Robicheaux Ranch Knows: Handsome Is as Handsome Does

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Q & A with Kenny Roberts

Written by Barbara Newtown Original Publish Date June 2015 I talked with Kenny Roberts at Delta Downs in Vinton, Louisiana.…