Thoroughbred Racing

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All Thoroughbred horses trace back to three Arabians imported to England in the 18th century. Thoroughbreds have been bred for stamina and speed ever since. Thoroughbred blood adds value to other breeds, whether the TB is allowed into the studbook (as with the Appendix Quarter Horse and the warmblood breeds) or is used for hybrid vigor (Appendix QH, Anglo-Arabian, half-TB pintos and more). Watch Thoroughbreds run: you’re mesmerized as the race develops. Is a horse coming from behind, leading all the way, sticking to the rail, going wide, or boxed in? It’s all very cerebral and strategic until the horses turn for home and reach deep inside for that last bit of courage… Then the crowd starts chanting “C’mon” and “Go-go-go” until they are all yelling like crazy, even the elegant ladies in their stylish hats.

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